Doctors Can Build Social Proof with Online Ratings and Reviews

Doctor Reviews and Social Proof

One of the most important facts a doctor should know is that it is patient reviews and not the doctor’s services description online that is attracting new patients and making old ones to return. Social proof, also known as the informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people acquire the actions of others to reach, in their minds, the correct behavior in any given situation that requires decision making. People generally think that those surrounding them have more knowledge about everything, in this case, your medical practice, and the way you work with patients. [read more]

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3 Lame Excuses for Not Getting Business Reviews

No Review Strategy

When you think you’ve heard it all, you haven’t. As local marketing reputation specialists, we talk to service businesses day in and day out about the importance of getting reviews. Take a look below at the 3 top lame excuses for not getting business reviews.

Excuse #1 – “I don’t need reviews, I just focus on SEO and website optimization.” [read more]

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Without Online Reviews, You’re Not in the Game

Small business reviews

For small business owners that want to stay competitive, the importance of online reviews carries virtually the same weight as their online branding. This also applies to small business owners just starting out online, seeking to get their portion of the market share in their specific niche. The days when online marketers with the biggest advertising budgets dominated the game are long gone, as a direct result of a brand new way consumers acquire products and services, or conduct any form of business with a potential supplier. [read more]

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